Update Transporter of E-way bills

The steps to update the transporter id or transporter GSTIN of 'Generated' E-way bills

If the user wants to update the Transporter ID or the Transporter GSTIN of an E-way bill in 'Part A' or 'Generated' status then the user has to use the 'Update Transporter' option.

Step 1: Select E-way bills to Update Transporter

Select E-way bills for which transporter ID has to be updated. Click on 'More Actions' and click on 'Update Transporter Details'.

Step 2: Click on 'Update Transporter' in 'More Options'

Click on 'More Options' and then click on 'Update Transporter' details to open the option to update the 'Transporter ID'.

Step 3: Verify the details and proceed

Verify the details of the E-way bills selected for existing transporter IDs, transportation modes and EWB validity.

Verify the details and click on 'Continue' to proceed to update transporter details.

Step 4: Click on Update Transporter

Click on 'Update Transporter' to update the transporter ID or transporter GSTIN.

Step 5: Input Transporter Details

Input the new 'Transporter ID' or 'Transporter GSTIN' in the input box.

Provide the transporter id and click on 'Save & Update' to initiate 'Update Transporter' action with NIC.

Step 6: Connect with NIC and Update Transporter ID

Connect with NIC to update the transporter ID of the selected E-way bills.

Congratulations!!! Transporter ID updated for the selected E-way bills.

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