Pricing and General queries

I want to watch a demo

You just need to fill out basic details to register for a live demo. You can either watch our instant demo or join one of our live sessions streamed everyday.

Does ClearOne have a web software?

ClearOne has a web software as well! You just need to login with you same mobile number on "one.clear.in". You can sync all your data on ClearOne app to ClearOne web.

Can I change my E-mail ID or Phone number?

We do not support changing of Email ID or Phone number in ClearOne. Please reach out to us in Chat support in case you need assistance with this.

Is ClearOne a free app?

Yes, ClearOne app is absolutely free for use. Please note that this is an early bird offer where all features on app are free for all users.

Invoicing queries

Can I add customers in bulk?

Unfortunately this feature is not available on ClearOne right now. We will keep you posted and update once it is ready

Can I add items in bulk?

Unfortunately this feature is not available on ClearOne right now. We will keep you posted and update once it is ready.

How to create Non-GST invoices?

You can easily create non-GST invoices in ClearOne. Ensure that your business and your customer's businesses both are not GST registered and do not have valid GSTINs.

How to change serial number of my invoice?

When creating an invoice, click on "Invoice Number". You can change the default prefix "INV" and Sequence no to desired value. Eg: Prefix - "FY20-21/" Sequence number - "1"

How do I select IGST/CGST/SGST?

Your invoice will automatically show IGST or SGST/CGST based on your place of supply. If your address and customer address is in same state, the invoice will show CGST & SGST, otherwise IGST is shown for outside state supply.

How to add additional custom fields in my invoice?

It's easy. While creating an invoice, click on "Add/Edit fields". You can select any of the predefined fields if it is relevant for your business. you can also add your own custom field. You can disable/enable any custom field anytime.

Can I mark my invoice as paid?

Yes, for the invoice you have completed, you just need to select "Record Payment", mention the amount which was paid and click on "Record". Your invoice will be marked as "Paid".

Payments queries

Is payment feature free to use?

Yes. It's completely free to collect payment via ClearOne. ClearOne doesn't charge any bank charges or commission to settle any payment between your customer and you.

How to activate payments in ClearOne?

Enter your bank account details when creating an invoice or bank details in settings. And apply for verification. Your bank account will be verified for online payment collection in 10-15 minutes via ClearOne. Your payment links get automatically added in the invoice itself.

How much time does it take to settle a payment in my account?

Any money received from your customer is settled before 11:59 PM the next business day. Please note: bank holidays are counted outside business days. Watch this video to learn how settlements work.

Is ClearOne payments safe to use?

Your payments are being transacted via secure bank grade servers and are 100% safe and secure (256 bit SSL encrypted). We also offer priority support in resolving any you face while collecting payments from your customer.

My customer has paid, but I have not received the payment.

These are the following reasons why you will not have received payment from your customer:

  1. Your bank account is still not verified

  2. Our settlement cycle has not been triggered because the time elapsed is <24 hours or it is a public holiday You can contact our customer support team in case the above reasons are not applicable

Can I change my bank account details?

You will be able to change the bank account details using the "update" option.

My bank verification is pending. What do I do next?

Bank verification can fail because of the following reasons:

  1. Your pan number name did not match with bank account name

  2. Your bank account details are incorrect

  3. Your bank account is not valid Please re-enter your details and try again. If the issue persists, please reach out to our customer support team

Inventory queries

How to enter add/modify/delete items in inventory?

Watch this video to learn how to manage inventory in ClearOne.

Can I add purchase price to my inventory?

Unfortunately this feature is not available on ClearOne right now. We will keep you posted and update once it is ready

Can I create raw material inventory list?

Unfortunately this feature is not available on ClearOne right now. We will keep you posted and update once it is ready

Purchase & Expense

How to a add purchase entry?

Watch this video to learn how to manage purchase

How do I record my business expenses?

Watch this video to learn how to record business expenses

Can I add purchase invoices?

Unfortunately this feature is not available on ClearOne right now. We will keep you posted and update once it is ready

How do I add suppliers on ClearOne?

You just need to select add contact and select the contact type as supplier. You can fill up their details automatically with their GSTIN

Other queries

How do I make my first E-Way Bill on ClearOne?

First, you will need to generate a set of NIC credentials by registering ClearTax as GSP in your Government portal of E-Way Bills. These credentials can then be used to login through your ClearOne account and generate an E-Way Bill. Please refer the article attached for a step-by-step articulation of the process. You may also refer a demo video for the same.

Can I separately generate Part B of E-Way Bill?

Yes, after generating and saving Part A, you can go back to the saved Invoice to generate Part B separately.

Can I create E-Invoices via ClearOne?

You can create e-invoices via ClearOne web. It is available as part of our paid plan. Please reach out to our support for any requirements.

Can I convert Estimates to Invoice?

Yes, you can convert your invoice to estimates with a single click. You will get this as a button once you have completed creating an estimate

Can I collect payments on Quotations?

Currently, payment collection is only supported in Invoices. You can reach out to us on Chat support for clarity regarding this query.

Can I make a Proforma Invoice?

The 3 types of Invoices possible in ClearOne are - Sales, Bill of supply and Tax Invoice. We are working on bringing Proforma Invoices to ClearOne soon!

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