How to include our company logo on the e invoice format?
Go to settings Business setting Click on edit details on particular entity Click on upload logo and upload
How can I add a digital signature on e-invoice?
Adding a digital signature to an invoice as a feature is not present within the product just yet. However, a user can use the offline utility provided by Cleartax to sign an invoice
Some details are incorrect or missing in my invoice print.
Please double check whether you have imported the right values in the excel file. If the values are correct but still the data looks incorrect/is missing on the print, please reach us via the help section in the product.
How can i do multiple prints at one go?
Mark the relevant invoices and select the print detailed/basic
Can I customise the template of my e-invoice?
If template customisation is part of your paid plan, we will be able to help you out. Please reach us via the help section in the top right of the Clear E-invoicing portal.
I cant find my print template
All Standard print templates are present in print preview screens. Any custom template that you have opted for will be visible once development is completed and added to account.
I am unable to scan the QR code on my e-invoice
You have to use the scanner approved by IRP available on the link here. Alternately, you could also try zooming in on the soft copy and then retry scanning.