Frequently Asked Questions on ClearTaxCloud

You can find the answers to the following questions in this section -

I have more than 1,000 e-filings to do. Will TaxCloud support such large numbers of e-filings?

Yes, TaxCloud supports any number of filings on a single account. Multiple users within an organization can work simultaneously from the same account and file multiple returns at the same time.

Can I bulk import my clients on TaxCloud?

Yes, you can bulk import all your clients by uploading the XML file. TaxCloud will automatically populate their information after the import.

How secure is my data on TaxCloud?

You can be rest assured that your data is safe with us as we have bank-grade 128 bit SSL encryption. Privacy and integrity of your confidential information is paramount to us at TaxCloud. We are audited periodically by the CBDT and the IT Department.

If the client is not registered on the Income-tax department’s website can I still file ITR on TaxCloud?

Yes, TaxCloud has an ERI license issued by the IT Department. You can file your client’s ITR even if the client is not registered on the IT website.

Will I need to download XML and go to the IT Department website to complete filing?

No, you can directly e-file returns on TaxCloud without having to go to the IT Department website. If you wish to file on the IT Department website, you can download the prepared XML as well.

How will I know whether the returns filed on TaxCloud are as per the government Schema?

TaxCloud is up-to-date with the latest Government schema. We validate all returns filed against the Government utility at the back-end, to ensure there are no inaccuracies in the returns you file for your clients.

I need to file an urgent tax return, but I don’t have access to my desktop. What do I do now?

TaxCloud is hosted on the cloud and you can access it across all of your devices (phones/desktops/tablets). You can use any phone or tablet to file the return in such a scenario.

Does TaxCloud have a Desktop App?

Yes, but only to import the data as filing can’t be done through a Desktop app.

Can I e-Verify my IT Return directly from TaxCloud?

Yes, the e-verification can be done through a Desktop app, but it gets redirected to the IT department portal.(IT department login credentials are required, which can be saved in

Can we get a CA assigned after registering for the TaxCloud like we get in GST as a (KAM)?

No, you can get the email and telephonic support for the software related issues. There will not be complete filing assistance provided. For complete filing assistance, you need to buy a CA assisted plan.

When can we file the return for AY 2020-21 ?

The IT department has not released all the forms as yet. Once the forms are released and updated we will send an intimation mail to all the customers. At this point ITR 1 and 4 are released and updated.

Can we import the data through Excel if XML is not available?

No, At this point in time we support only the XML file for importing the data to TaxCloud.

How can we import the data through XML to TaxCloud?

You have two options, One is to upload the prefilled XML through the TaxCloud Desktop app. The second is through the web portal by clicking on the Import data via XML.

What options are available in the Taxcloud Desktop app?

You can import Prefilled XML, Import 26AS, Download ITR-V and e-verify the returns by inscribing the IT portal password.

Can we find the downloaded files on Taxcloud Desktop app?

Yes, You can go to the Help section of the Desktop app and find the files under the respective folders of the Downloaded PDF files.

Can we import Balance sheet, P/L account and Trading account data from the tally directly?

No, We don’t support the tally import at this moment. You must enter the data manually.

Can we download Form 16 from your portal after Uploading for the ITR filing?

No, The portal doesn’t save your documents and it only captures the data from the Form 16.

Where can we choose the ITR form to be filed ?

You don’t need to choose the ITR form as our portal opts for it automatically as per your income details entered.

Can we file 44AD, 44ADA, 44AE through TaxCloud?

Yes, but you must select the Nature of Business, choose the section(44AD/44ADA/44AE) and enter the financial particulars if required.

How can we upload the Capital gain details on TaxCloud?

There is a template in which you can enter the data and upload the details. You can also upload through the CAMS and KARVY reports.

Is there a calculator in TaxCloud for capital gain calculation?

No, You just need to enter the date of sale and date of purchase. The Portal will calculate the Capital Gain.

Can we download the Balance Sheet and P&L statement on TaxCloud?

You can find the details in the Tax computation. However, there is no separate option to download the Balance Sheet and P&L statement.

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