GSTR-2A Vs PR GSTIN Matching

Learn how to match GSTR-2A with your Purchase Register

Guide to Match GSTR-2A with Purchase Register

Step 1: Select matching tool

Login to ClearTax GST and select ‘Matching’

Step 2: 2A vs PR GSTIN Matching

Select 2A vs PR GSTIN Matching option to proceed further

Step 3: Choose a Business

Select a Business to proceed with GSTIN Matching

Step 4: Download GSTR-2A and Import Purchase Documents

Under the ‘Matching’ tab and Download your GSTR-2A & Import Purchase Documents to proceed with Matching

Step 6: Download Data from GSTN

Select the ‘Period’ and click on ‘Download Data from GSTN’ to download the GSTR-2A data

Step 7: Request OTP

Click on Request OTP’ button to receive an OTP on the registered mobile number

Step 8: Verify & Continue

Enter the OTP and click on ‘Verify & Continue button to download the GSTR- 2A data

Step 9: Import Purchase Register

Two sets of documents are required for Matching. In case your GSTR-2A is already downloaded, click on Import Purchase Register button to import your purchase register

Step 10: Select file from Computer

Select the ‘Return Period’ and select the ‘ClearTax Template’ then click on ‘Select file from Computer’ to upload your Purchase Books

Please wait while your data is being imported & processed

Your Purchase Books are now successfully imported

Step 11: Save and Validate

If some of the documents imported have errors and select the Tab that shows Errors. Under the ‘Errors’ column hover to find the reason, you can correct the errors in this screen by editing the details and then click on ‘Save and Validate’ button to proceed

You can also skip fixing the Errors by clicking on the ‘Continue without Fixing button

Select ‘Fix errors now’ option to correct the errors. Select ‘Yes, I’ll continue later’ to proceed without fixing the errors

Your data is now ready. Click on ‘Proceed’ to start Matching the data imported

Step 12: Select Dates

You can now click on the ‘Select date’ to select the return period & document date as per your books and supplier data for which you want to run the Matching

You can also use the ‘Document Date Filter’ as per your books to do inter-fiscal year matching

Step 13: Start Matching

Click on the Start Matching’ to view the Matching Result of Supplier and Purchase Documents

Step 14: View Results in Detail

You can now view the ‘Matching Summary’. In order to see the Matching details click on ‘View Results in Detail’ button

Step 15: Match Status

One can use the ‘Match Status’ filter to view the Matching status of GSTR-2A & Purchase Data.

Note: Click on the ‘drop-down’ buttons under each column to use the available filters

There are 5 types of ‘Match Status’:

1) Matched These are the document (invoices & CDNs) for which we have been able to find an exact match. No further action is required on these documents.

2) Mismatch in Data These are the documents in which our system has found mismatch in one or more values. You can check the report in details for which all values are not matching. Please make the changes in the document and upload the updated documents on GSTN portal.

3) Missing with Supplier These are the documents which your supplier has not file in his GSTR-1.Please check and communicate the same to your supplier

4) Missing in Purchase Register These are the documents which we can not find an entry in the Purchase Register you have provided. But our system has found an entry in GSTR-2A. Please check your Purchase Register and add Missing/Updated document for Reconciliation.

5) Suggested Match These are the documents where our system suggests a possible match. However, there may be a value mismatch in Invoice Date and minor difference in taxable amount or tax amount. Please check if they match and make appropriate changes if required.

For example: Invoice number GST/2017-18/0231 and 231 will be matched.

Here the invoice number under the ‘Supplier Data’ & ‘GSTR-2A’ are mismatching, but the ClearTax’s Matching Tool will highlight such differences & help reduce such mismatches for you

Step 16: ‘Document View’ & ‘Supplier View’

You can now view the invoices in ‘Document View’ & ‘Supplier View’. In ‘Document View’ level one can view all the line items of the invoices imported Whereas, in ‘Supplier View’ level, the total of all the invoices can be viewed from a single supplier

Step 17: Actions Available

You can take the following actions with respect to the invoices:

  • Accept Supplier Values

  • Accept my values

  • Pending

  • Send email

  • Reset

  1. Accept Supplier Values Accept the supplier values to claim ITC based on the supplier’s values. Pro Tip:

    • In case the invoices are in ‘Matched’ bucket, then you can simply click on ‘Accept Supplier Values’ to reconcile invoices faster.

    • In case the invoices are in the ‘Mismatch in Data’ bucket, then you can apply the filter on a conditional basis and click on ‘Accept Supplier Values’.

    • In case the invoices are in the ‘Missing in my Data’ bucket, then ‘Accept Supplier Values’ if your supplier has uploaded the correct invoices.

  2. Accept My Values Accept my values to claim ITC based on your values. Pro Tip:

    • In case the invoices are in ‘Missing in Supplier Data (Not in 2A)’ bucket, then ‘Accept My Values’ if you have uploaded the correct invoices.

    • In case the invoices are in ‘Mismatch in Data’ bucket, then you can apply the filter on a conditional basis and click on ‘Accept My Values’.

  3. Mark as Pending - You can mark your invoice(s)as pending. This action is used to mark the matched documents link temporary if he is not confident about the linked documents. When confident users can validate the data and accept actions by applying the pending action filter.

  4. Send E-mail - You can now send individual communications to the vendor as per the Match status.

  5. Reset - This functionality helps the user to reset the last action taken on the document

Step 18: Bulk Action

You can also take ‘Bulk Action’ for the mismatches in the GSTR-2A & Purchase Books. Just select the invoices you want to take bulk actions for & select an Action (Accept Supplier Values, Accept my Values, De-link or Mark as Pending)

Note: You can also download the ‘Matching Details’ in an excel report. Click on ‘Generate Report’ button to download the report

Step 19: Send Email

You can now send the ‘missing & mismatched’ invoice details to the supplier. Select single/multiple suppliers and click on ‘Send Email’ button to send an email

Select the ‘Template’ as per your choice and add the email address (To view the already added email id’s and click on ‘view email address’) (You can also select multiple email ids for a single supplier) then edit the ‘Subject’ & ‘Message’. Click on ‘Send’ to send the mail

Note: Click on ‘Edit Contact master’ to edit the vendor details

Step 20: Import customers or vendors

Click on Import customers or vendors’ to add Vendor Contact in Bulk

Click on Select File’ to import your contact details

Note: You can also edit the subject & message body for all the templates in advance. Click on the ‘Vendor Settings’ option on ClearTax GST homepage

Step 21: Edit Details

Click on ‘Edit Details’ option to edit the template subject & message. Click on ‘Save’ button to save the changes

Add the required details and click on ‘Save button to continue

Step 22: View Results in Detail page

In the ‘Matching Summary’ page, the total number of invoices & CDNs downloaded (GSTR-2A) from the GSTN Portal may sometimes not match with the Total number shown in the ‘View Results in Detail page’

The following can be the reason for the same:

In the summary page, the document count visible to users is the data that is downloaded from GSTN. During Matching, we eliminate Amendment and Duplicate invoices which leads to a difference in document count between two pages


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