GSTR-9 (Table-8A) Vs PR Matching

Learn how to match GSTR-9 (Table-8A) Vs Purchase Register

Guide to match GSTR9(Table-8A) Vs Purchase Register

Step 1: Login

Login to ClearTax GST Software and click on Matching

Step 2: Select GSTIN

Select the GSTIN and click on matching

Step 3 : Select 8A vs PR Matching

Step 4 : Download Table-8A and Import Purchase Documents

Download Table-8A and Import your Purchase Register

  • You can pull 8A Documents on portal using 'Download Table-8A'

  • You can import your Purchase Register using 'Import Purchase Documents'

Step 5 : Enter Return Dates

Enter Table-8A & Purchase Register Return Dates and Start Matching

Step 6: Matching Result Summary

Step 7: Download Report

Download Report to see detailed analysis


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