Upload E-Inv Data - Custom Template

Learn to import your invoice data into ClearTax

How to upload data using the Custom Template

Step 1: Upload Invoices

Click on ‘Upload Invoices’ in the left-hand side panel to import your data

Step 2: Select Business and Template

Select the business for which you are uploading invoice and select the "New Custom Template" for uploading invoice and "Start Uploading"

Step 3: Upload Files

Click on ‘Select file from your Computer’ button to upload your Excel file with custom column names that need to be mapped

Step 4: Map Column Names

Map ClearTax column names with the column names as per your Excel file. Once done, click on Save Template’ to proceed.

All the required fields needs to be mapped to generate the template. To continue without mapping all the fields, click on "Save without mapping" to generate the template.

Step 5: Save Template

Enter the name of the template and click on "Save Template" to save the template


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