Learn how to file GSTR-6 on ClearGST

Guide to file GSTR-6

Step 1: Login

Login to ClearTax GST and click on ‘File GST Returns’ to file your returns

Please do not proceed through ‘All business Dashboard’ as GSTR-6 filing option is not available. Also, please make sure you click on ‘File GST Returns’ to file your GSTR-6.

Step 2: Select Business

Select a ‘Business - Input Service Distributor’ to import your data

Step 3: Select GSTR-6

Click on ‘Prepare GSTR-6’ to import your data

Make sure to select the ‘Return Period’ for which you want to import the data.

Step 4: Import Documents

Click on ‘Import Documents’ to import your data prepared in Government Excel Format.

Alternatively, you can proceed to generate your GSTR-6 without importing your documents

Step 5: Select Government Excel

Under ‘Choose a method to import your data’ and select ‘Government Excel’

Step 6: Select file from your computer

Click on ‘Select file from your computer’ button to select & file to import your data

Please wait while your GSTR-6 data gets imported

Congratulations! Your data is now successfully imported into ClearTax

Click on ‘Proceed’ to continue

Step 7: Save and Validate

If some of the documents imported have errors, select the Tab that shows Errors, under the ‘Errors’ column hover to find the reason, you can correct the errors in this screen by editing the details and click on ‘Save and Validate’ button to proceed then you can also download the errors in excel format by clicking on the ‘Download errors as Excel’ button

Step 8: Correct Errors

Edit the excel to correct the errors and upload again after correcting them

Step 9: Continue without Fixing

You can also skip fixing the Errors by clicking on the ‘Continue without Fixing’

Click on ‘Fix errors now’ to correct the errors and click on ‘Yes, I’ll continue later’ button to proceed without fixing the errors

Step 10: Generate GSTR-6

Your data is now ready and click on ‘Proceed’ button to generate GSTR-6 form

Step 11: Save file

Your GSTR-6 form is now ready , click on individual items to view the details and click on ‘Continue to save & file’ to save your data

Step 12: Edit details

Click to edit the details if required you can also select one/few invoices & delete them by clicking on the ‘Delete/Delete All’ respectively

In case the selected invoices cannot be deleted, delete the linked document(s) to that particular invoice & try again

Step 13: Import additional data

In order to import more data , click on ‘Other Options’ and select ‘Import your Data’ and click on ‘Continue to save & file to save your data

Click on ‘Total ITC available & Eligible /Ineligible ITC’ button to view Table 4 of Form GSTR-6 and automatically computed Reconciliation table.

You can refer to the Reconciliation table to fill values in the government portal

Step 14: Save to GSTN Portal

Under the ‘Save and File’ tab , click on ‘Save to GSTN Portal’ button to upload GSTR-6 data on Government Portal

Step 15: Enter GSTN Username & Password

Enter the ‘GSTN Username & Password’ and click on ‘Submit’ to upload the data on GSTN Portal

Step 16: Submit

Enter ‘Captcha’ code and click on ‘Submit to proceed

Please wait while your data is being uploaded to the GSTN Portal

In case GSTR-6 cannot be uploaded on GSTN Portal , click on ‘Retry’ to try uploading the data again

Step 17: Download Error Report

Click on ‘Download Error Report in Excel’ to view the errors in an Excel format

Step 20: Edit Excel & Upload

Edit the excel to correct the errors and upload again after correcting them

Congratulations! Your GSTR-6 data is now uploaded on GSTN Portal


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