GSTR-1 vs Sales Register Matching

Learn how to match G1 vs Sales Register

Guide to Reconcile Sales Register with Filed GSTR-1

Step 1: Login to ClearTax

Login to ClearTax GST and click on Business

Step 2: Match G1 vs Sales

Match GSTR-1 & Sales Register to avoid duplicates and upload additions/ adjustments

Step 3: Download GSTR-1 and Import your Sales Register

Step 4: Select GSTR-1 & Sales Register Return Dates

Step 5: Start Matching

Step 6: Proceed to Overview

Proceed to see Overview

Step 7: Download Report

Download Report to see detailed analysis

Step 8: Mark as Uploaded

Step 9: Proceed to Filing

Step 10: Continue with GSTR-1 Filing

Step 11: View Uploaded Documents


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