Revise TDS Returns

Learn how to revise TDS Returns using ClearTDS

Guide to Revise TDS Returns using ClearTDS

Step 1: Login

Log in to your ClearTDS account from here

Step 2: Select Deductors

You will see a list of deductors. Select the deductor you want to work on by clicking on ‘Work on this deductor".

Step 3: Select 'Work on this TDS Return'

A pop-up window will appear where you will need to select the TDS return particulars like TDS form type, financial year and quarter. Once you have made the selections, click on the ‘Work on this TDS return’ button

Step 4: Prepare Correction Statement

In the next page, scroll down to the TRACES & Correction Statements section and click on the ‘Prepare Correction Statement’ button

Step 5: Upload Consolidated file

To begin preparing a correction statement, choose and upload the relevant consolidated file. Remember to upload an unzipped consolidated file

Step 6: Select ‘View and Edit Deductions’

In the next page, scroll down to the TDS Return Details section and click on the ‘View and Edit Deductions’ button

Step 7: Select ‘Save and go back to Dashboard’

You will be presented with a list of Tax Deductions from the uploaded consolidated file. From the justification report you would be able to figure out the errors, which you can edit and correct here

Once the corrections have been made, click on the ‘Save and go back to Dashboard’ button the bottom of the page

Step 8: Select ‘Generate TDS Return (FVU File)’

In the next page, scroll down to the Prepare e-TDS Return section and click on ‘Generate TDS Return (FVU File)’ button.

Step 9: Select ‘Save and Continue to FVU Generation’

In the next page, click on the ‘Save and Continue to FVU Generation’ button.

Step 10: Download FVU file

Once that is done, your TDS return will be ready. You can download the FVU file and submit it to TIN-FC on your own or directly e-file your TDS return on ClearTDS


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