Corrections to TDS Returns

Learn how to make corrections to TDS Returns in ClearTDS

Guide to make Corrections to TDS Returns in ClearTDS

Step 1: Request from TRACES

Make a request for conso File in Clear TDS. Login to Clear TDS, select the Deductor and click on “work on this return” for which you wanted to file correction

Select “Request for Consolidated file” from TRACES Requests and update TRACES username and password

The validation details will be auto filled, you can click on “Submit request to TRACES” to make a request

Enter the captcha and submit

Once it is submitted, the request has been made and you can download the file once the status is “Available”

Step 2: Upload Consolidated File

Import your Consolidated File on to ClearTDS.

Go to your TDS returns, click on "Prepare Correction Statement" on right side of the page.

Browse for and upload your Consolidated File from your computer – if it is in a .zip file, remember to unzip it before you upload. The password to open the .zip file is “TAN of the Deductor_Latest request number of the respective form and quarter available in TRACES website”. Ex: ABCD12345A_21212

You can now make whatever modifications you need to make. You do not need to worry about the mode of correction (C1, C2, etc) — ClearTDS automatically figures out the correction modes and prepares your FVU file for you.


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