Filing Dashboard

Learn to use a filing dashboard in ClearTax GST

Guide to using the Filing Dashboard

Step 1: Track filing status of Returns

Login’ to ClearTax GST then click on ‘Filing Tracker’. Search a GSTIN to track the filing status of the Returns

Step 2: View filing status of GSTIN

A customer can now view ‘Filing Status’ of all the GSTINs for all the GST Returns, without generating OTP. There are 3 types of Filing Status:

  • Not uploaded

  • Uploaded

  • Filed

Step 3: Advanced Filters

There are 5 kinds of filters available in the filing dashboard:

  • Taxpayer type

  • Filing status

  • Return type

  • OTP

  • Return Period

Step 4: Download Filing Report

The filing status report of all the GSTINs can now be downloaded by the customer to get an overview of all the clients in one place

Step 4: View all GSTINs

The customer can now view all the GSTINs in one place. This helps in informed decision making


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