Add additional GSTINs/Branches

Learn to add additional GSTINs and Branches to your account

Guide to add more GSTINs and Branches

Step 1: Navigate to Settings icon

Open account settings in the left-hand side panel

Step 2: Click on business settings

Step 3: Add new business units

Under "Add new business units", click on "Add new GSTIN's" if you want to add new GSTIN or "Add Branches for existing GSTINs" if you are looking to add a branch

Step 4: Add new GSTINs

For adding new GSTINs, enter GSTIN and NIC API credentials, if available. If NIC credentials are not available it can be added later from add NIC credential section. Please save the GSTIN to proceed

Step 5: Add new Branch

For adding a new Branch, select a GSTIN for which you want to add a branch. Please save the branch to proceed


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