Prerequisites to Configure Tally for GST

Ensure your system meets the following prerequisites before you configure Tally Connector to import your data into ClearGST

System Requirements

Tally Connector for GST works with the ClearGST Desktop Application. The following are the system requirements for the ClearGST Desktop app to work smoothly -

  1. Operating Systems: Windows 7 and Windows 10

  2. Stable and Direct Internet Connection - Internet connectivity via a proxy server is currently not supported

  3. RAM - 4GB and above

  4. Ensure your antivirus software is not blocking the ClearGST Desktop App

If you are using a remote server to access Tally, ensure you have access to the IP address for the server where Tally is hosted or the ClearGST Desktop Application is installed on the same machine

Pre-Configuration Checklist

  1. Tally ERP9 or Tally Prime should be running and the required company should be open

  2. The Tally Connector is used to import only GST documents. Ensure your invoices have been created using the GST module in Tally. Also make sure that each ledger is marked as GST “Applicable”. If any invoice is marked as GST “Not applicable “ or “Undefined” then those documents will not be imported through the Tally connector. How to check if ledger is marked as GST Applicable?

  3. Data for a GSTIN should be stored in one company. We do not support data for multiple GSTINs being stored as multiple ledgers within the same company.

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