Revise TDS Returns

Learn how to revise TDS Returns using ClearTDS

Guide to Revise TDS Returns using ClearTDS

Step 1: Login

Log in to your ClearTDS account from here

Step 2: Request Conso file

You will request the conso file from traces activities from clearTDS (Step to guide for downloading conso file) or if they already have conso file with them.

Step 3: Select Form Type

You will select the form type (24Q, 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ) you want to file the correction return.

Step 3: Select 'Correction return'

A pop-up window will appear once you select for which form type you want to revise the return. Select "Correction Return" and Select the return period and deductor you want to file for..

Step 5: Upload Consolidated file

To begin preparing a correction statement, choose and upload the relevant consolidated file. (Steps to guide)

Step 6: Add new deduction or Correct existing deduction or both

You can procced with the correction either you want to make correction in existing deduction or add new deduction or both (Steps to guide)

Step 7: Validate and file’

You will be presented with a list of Tax Deductions from the uploaded consolidated file. From the justification report you would be able to figure out the errors, which you can edit and correct here.
Once the corrections have been made, you will proceed with validations as you followed in case of original return like OLTAS for challan verification, TRACES for Syn LDC, Syn Challan, Verify PAN, 206AB Verification and Run for potential notices.

Step 8: Select ‘Run & Generate FVU’

Once you have completed all validation and you will click on "Run & Generate FVU.

Step 9: E-File

Once your FVU file will be generated, you can directly E-file by choosing "E-File option in blue color" from Clear without any DSC or Aadhar OTP. Status of your return will be updated on mail or via link.