ClearTDS Reports

Learn how to generate various reports from Clear TDS

Step 1: Login

You can generate the following reports are available on the
  • Form 3CD- Clause 34
  • Interest Report
  • PAN Report
  • Challan Report
  • LDC Report
  • Summary of TDS/TCS Report

Step 2: Choose reports

You will choose which report you want to generate. After that select the deductor and return period for which you want to generate the report.

Step 3: Generate Report

You can these above report in excel format, click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘Download report’.
Also you can email those report, click on ‘Actions’ and select Email report’
From 3CD - Clause 34
Interest Report
PAN Report
Challan Report
LDC Report
Summary of TDS/TCS Return
In this report all the information required in clause 34(a) (b) (c) of the 3CB-CD report will be automatically generated for a particular financial year.
You can generate quaterwise interest report of all the interest due to late deduction and late deposit and their calculation that how much interest should be there for that particular line items. Alongwith you can also check the short deduction for all deductions and reason behind the same.
You can see the status of all your deductees in this report at Financial year level and at form level.
"No of deductees, their names, PAN number, Name as per TRACES, PAN status, 206AB Status, Name as per reporting portal, PAN date allotment as per reporting portal, Deductee types (company or non company)"
You can generate the challan report at financial year level and at form level.
In this report you can see the status of your challan details Like MATCH or MISMATCH Status, Challan number and Unconsumed balance.
You can generate Lower deduction certificate report at Financial Year level.
All the details related to the corresponding PAN mentioned in the certificate will be auto-populated here - name, certificate no. validity, nature of payment , section code, rate of TDS, amount consumed, amount remaining, date of issue and cancel date. It will show the status of each certificate - whether it is "VALID or INVALID". Also, show the amount consumed as per the TRACES and as per the Clear.
You can generate the summary of TDS returns quarter wise. You can generate Challan summary, Section wise summary and deductee summary as well.