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Release R5, 06-Mar, 2023

Invoice Discounting

[Feature] Flat Discounting Rate

Anchor Companies can opt for Flat Discounting Rate Option for their vendors along with Fixed interest rate and Variable Interest Rate. This third option is not dependant on Number of days and fixed in nature. Suppliers will simply request for early payment on such rate, and everything else remains the same.
  • Flat Rate Pricing Option at Supplier Maintenance Page for Anchors to opt for.
  • Suppliers will not be able to modify the interest rate
  • The discounting %age will be same as Flat Rate %age

[Feature] Minimum Discount Threshold

Anchors can set a minimum threshold value on Discount Amount per invoice at vendor level. During vendor submission, if discount amount is less than the threshold amount, system increases the discount amount to the threshold amount passing the benefit to the anchor and giving an option of submission at increase rate to the suppliers.


EWB Lite Report

  • EWB Lite report is a report at an invoice level having necessary information at the invoice level. Line item details are omitted. This will impact VLC with large Eway bill volumes
  • The same will be available for download under More Actions -> Download -> Lite Report (CSV)

DSC Configuration

  • Users are not able to add digital signature certificates in the sandbox environment. Customer demo/testing is blocked due to this. The fix has been made for the issue.

Other Changes

Disabling sales sync for B2C invoices:
Only B2B documents will flow from e-Invoicing to GST for filing and B2C documents will be omitted from the data flow. The performance of the sales sync service will be better with only B2B invoices flowing into the GST database. Users can calculate the summary of B2C invoices and add that GSTR-1 summary with better accuracy
Cancel IRN and Get IRN call to NIC/ClearIRP
In the case of IRN with EWB generation, the generation call is sent to NIC. But in case of cancellation, the EWB cancel request was sent to NIC, however, IRN cancels request was sent to IRP and was getting failed. This is fixed and now for IRN with EWB cancellation calls is also sent to NIC
Adding Branch in business settings [Bug]
The addition of branches from business settings was not working and getting failed. Also, an error message was not displayed. The issue has been resolved

Document Ingestion [Enhancement]

As part of this release, we are fixing the following issues faced by our enterprise clients while using our ingestion engine:
  • Custom fields will be available after downloading documents ( For filtering a field in Excel as an example )
  • Custom fields will be available on the Data overview page without repetition
  • Errors will be shown at the document level and line item level separately This will help enterprise users to identify the source of issues easily
  • Ingested sales data will flow seamlessly to other Clear Financial Cloud products. For example, data ingested for e-invoicing can now be used for filing/reconciliation whilst using Clear GST
Few technical changes have been introduced to improve the performance of the overall ingestion process.

Commonly used services [ENHANCEMENT]

As part of this release, below mentioned changes are being released to improve the performance of core services that help us run Clear Financial Cloud ( CFC ):
  • Store configurations for Print template service per enterprise security guidelines ( Encrypted at rest )
  • Build a scalable deployment pipeline following enterprise standard practices for User service
  • Optimise the performance of the Digital signature certificate & add logs to track usage


A. Prepare and File GSTR-6 Form [Feature - available in sandbox]

  • User will be able to Import PR and ISD documents at a PAN level using one single flat file. It will reduce efforts of maintaining multiple sheets and increase efficiency
  • User will be to Prepare GSTR-6 Form at a PAN level and Generate ISD documents (Invoice and CNs) in a few simple clicks using turnover information
  • User will be able to Upload data on GSTN or Reset data on GSTN at a PAN level
  • User will be to calculate the available ITC for distribution and Eligible/In-eligible ITC distributed for Table 4
  • There is an option to auto-calculate the Cross ITC details for the reconciliation table and save them to GSTN
  • User will be able to File GSTR-6 via EVC/DSC in two simple clicks

B. One-click OTP Activation

  • Do you spend a lot of time every month activating your GSTINs one-by-one and entering OTPs? If you are a GST ultimate user, then you can now use a single-click to activate all you GSTINs
  • Set up an auto-forwarding rule in your registered email box, and then activate OTPs with one-click. In 10 mins, you can open the account to find all your OTPs activated (please contact your CSM for a one-time setup)

C. 2B vs PR reconciliation banner in GSTR-3B [Enhancement]

  • Users will be nudged to run a 2B vs PR reconciliation in the GSTR-3B filing flow basis the source selected at the start of the GSTR-3B filing


One-click OTP Activation

  • Do you spend a lot of time every month activating your GSTINs one-by-one and entering OTPs? You can now use a single-click to activate all your GSTINs
  • Set up an auto-forwarding rule in your registered email box, and then activate OTPs with one-click. In 10 mins, you can open Max ITC to find all your OTPs activated

Enhanced Data Overview

  • Do you need to check the ingested data and the associated summaries? You can now take a “quick glance” without excessive load time
  • Do you need to take a quick look at the summary of your ingested data, but are hassled due to the huge load time? You can now look at the summary with our revamped “Data Overview” page

Release R4, 22-Feb, 2023


A. Credit notes in GSTR-3B will now be accounted in table 4(A) instead of table 4(B)

The Government vide Notification No. 14/2022 – Central Tax dated 05th July 2022 has notified few changes in Table 4 of Form GSTR-3B for enabling taxpayers to report correct information regarding ITC availed, ITC reversal, and ineligible ITC in Table 4 of GSTR-3B.
According to the changes, the net ITC is to be reported in Table 4(A), and ITC reversal, if any, is to be reported in Table 4(B) of GSTR-3B.
Accordingly, the logic for auto-population of Table 4 of GSTR-3B basis 2B v/s PR reconciliation is updated.
B. Negative value credit notes are now allowed in table 4 of GSTR-3B
The impact of credit notes & their amendments will now be auto-populated in Table 4(A) instead of Table 4(B) of GSTR-3B. In case the value of credit notes becomes higher than the sum of invoices and debit notes put together, then the net ITC would become negative and the taxpayers will be allowed to report negative values in Table-4A.
Also, taxpayers can now enter negative values in Table 4D(2) of GSTR-3B.

User Management & Licensing

[FEATURE] Add guest user in user invite flow - Provide time-bound temporary access to users
  • Workspace admins at clients can add guest users to their subscribed CFC products
  • Access will remain live for a user-defined time period and then be revoked automatically -
  • This will reduce the need to monitor access provided for short-term use cases e.g, Clear’s support/integration agents
[FEATURE] Search for users on the user access tab of Global settings
  • Any authorized user ( for example Workspace Admins ) will be able to search for all users from the user access page
  • Search will return all matching users at organization level once the workspace admin enters text and clicks on the search button
  • Reduces need to search each page on the user access tab by clicking on the Next button ( useful especially when there are more than 20+ users at organization level )
[ENHANCEMENT] Maintain up-to-date Licensing information across systems ( Onboarding to product usage )
As part of this release, we are implementing the standard framework for licensing the following products:
  • Notice management
  • Clear Identity

Notice Management

[FEATURE] UAM for v1 of Notice management
  • The addition of users with multiple roles will be possible
  • Roles across Admins (Workspace, PAN, GSTIN), user, and view only user will be available and accessible across the product will be restricted based on user roles
  • This will enhance the product usage security to ensure relevant users only have access to relevant sections of the product
[FEATURE] Plan licenses for v1 of Notice management
  • Different plans for Notice management has been launched - Advantage, Premium, and Ultimate
  • Feature access available across the product basis plan selected has been activated.