Import settings
Step 1: Open Settings panel.
Step 2: Select Import settings under E-invoicing and EWB settings.
Step 3: Select the business for which to want to create/edit a template.
Step 4: Click on "New Template" icon if you want to create a fresh template. We will cover the "edit template" part at the end of this tutorial.
Step 5: Upload your file containing invoice details. The following formats are supported - XLSX/CSV/XLS/XLSM.
Step 6: Map the columns of your template with that of Cleartax standard template. The columns marked as "Required" are mandatory to map. Click on "save template" once you are done mapping them.
Step 7: Choose a suitable name for your template for future reference.
Step 8: Follow the below steps to edit an already existing template. Select the business whose template you want to edit.
Step 9: Select the custom template you want to edit. Then click on the "Edit Template" icon in front of it.
Step 10: Make the desired changes to it and click on the "save template" icon on the top once you are done.
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