Getting Started with Max ITC API

Creating a sandbox account

ClearMaxITC developer edition (coming soon) will enable you to integrate with our APIs for development and testing purposes without using your production account that hosts live data. In the meantime, you can create a test account in the production environment to get started.

  1. Sign up using a test account

    Our solution support team will create a test account on You can use this account for the development and testing of the API-integrated solution.

  2. Add the PAN and GSTIN associated with your business

    The first thing you need to do is add the GSTINs associated with your business.

  3. Activate GSTINs

    Each time you run reconciliation via APIs, we need to download some data from the government portal for performing the reconciliation. Hence, it is important that all the GSTINs associated with your business are activated in the product before you get started

  4. Configure API settings

    Set up the below configuration for your account -

    • Type of reconciliation: 2A vs. PR OR 2B vs. PR

    • Return period range: Return period range for which you will be triggering the reconciliation from ERP. By default, this will be set to the start of the ongoing financial year

    • Frequency of reconciliation: Monthly/Weekly/Daily

    For configuring these settings, you need to contact the integrations support team.

You can refer to the product onboarding guide for creating a test account.


Do not use a production account that hosts live data to complete this quick start.

Getting your ERP ready for integration

Depending upon which ERP you are using there might be some network-level or application-level configurations required to start using our APIs.

  • Whitelisting ClearMaxITC IP

  • Setting up the network configuration

  • Configuring security certificates

Make your first API Call

To test that you have everything set up correctly, we’ll make a simple request to the Ping endpoint. Hitting this endpoint acts as a health check on the ClearMaxITC API service; it won’t affect your account in any way.

Make your first API call


If everything was set up correctly and the request to ping was a success, you will receive a response with HTTP status code 200.

Now that you’re successfully making authenticated requests to the API with your API key and client library of choice, you’re ready to dive into the ClearTax MaxITC APIs.

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