Upload File to Storage

Upload file to AWS S3 Bucket using the pre-signed URL generated in the previous API.

Request Method


Request URL


Request Headers

ParameterData TypeField ValidationsDescription



Enum: application/vnd.ms-excel,



Content Type of the file being uploaded. For XLS or CSV, use application/vnd.ms-excel

For XLSX, use application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet

Request Path Params

There are no path parameters for this API.

Request Query Params

There are no query parameters for this API.

Request Body

ParameterData TypeField ValidationsDescription



File type: XLSX, XLS, CSV

MaxRows in CSV: 30 lakh. MaxRows in XLS, XLSX: 10 lakh.

The binary file to be uploaded. A file can be either sales, purchase or TDS deductions. Each row in the file represents an invoice line item. Sale Document Template Purchase Document Template

Deduction Document Line Objects

Sample Request

Attach the binary file as the request payload.

Response Status Codes

HTTP Status CodeDescription


Successfully uploaded.


Bad request (also if the presigned url is expired)


Forbidden (if the presigned url is not valid)


Not found (if the path or resource does not exist)

Sample Response (Success)

Success - HTTP Status Code - 200

Sample Response(ERROR)

Error - HTTP Status Code - 404

API Validations

The presigned URL should be valid and not expired.

API Constraints

Currently, there are no known constraints.

Integrating for MaxITC?

If you are integrating with Max ITC, once the file is uploaded to storage, trigger the reconciliation using the Trigger MaxITC Workflow API.

Integrating for TDS?

If you are integrating with TDS, once the file is uploaded to storage, trigger the ingestion using the Trigger File Ingestion API.

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