Common Errors and Resolution

List of common E-invoice generation error messages, their cause and resolutions.

Error Source - ClearTax

Error MessageError CauseResolution

Supply date cannot be after the end date. Please correct the supply/end date.

The supply end date is later than the supply date.

Check the supply date & end date and modify one of those so that the dates are correct.

Street name in address is mandatory for seller. Please supply the street name.

Street name is not provided in seller details.

Check the invoice details & provide seller street name details.

A Device ID already exist with same VAT and EGS serial number.

EGS serial number used is already present in the system.

Check device details and use EGS serial number which doesn't match with the already existing one.

Billing reference is mandatory if invoice type is Credit/Debit note. Please supply billing reference.

Previous billing reference ID is not provided.

Provide reference to original invoice number while generating credit/debit note.

Building number is mandatory for buyer if Country code is SA. Please supply building number.

Building number is not provided in invoice details.

Provide building number in buyer details.

Buyer country code must be SA if invoice transaction type is other than export.

If the invoice type is not export then country code must be SA.

Check & provide the country as β€˜SA’ if the invoice is not an export invoice.

Debit and credit note must contain the reason for this invoice type issuance. Please supply issuance reason for CREDIT/DEBIT note.

Reason for issuance of credit/debit note is not provided.

Provide the reason for issuance of credit/debit note as this is required.

For the given country code 'SA’ the buyer postal code should be 5 digits long. Please correct postal code.

Given buyer's postal code is not 5 digits long.

Check to see if the buyer postal code is provided and is 5 digit long when the country code is SA.

One of Group VAT number or buyer VAT number must be provided, both fields can not be empty . Please supply VAT Number.

VAT or group VAT is not provided.

Provide either VAT or Group VAT if the invoice is a standard invoice.

If it is an export invoice, the buyer VAT registration number and the buyer group VAT registration number must not exist in the invoice.

For export invoices , Buyer VAT or Group VAT is given which is not expected.

Check and remove the buyer VAT or group VAT if it exists in the invoice details.

Incorrect VAT Exemption reason code for provided VAT category code. Please correct the values.

Provided exemption reason code is incorrect for the VAT category code.

Provide the exemption reason code which are acceptable as per ZATCA.

Invalid amount specified for <*****>, please correct the amount.

Calculated amount for the mentioned field is not correct.

Check the calculations and provide the correct value.

Invalid Currency Code for <******>, currency code must be the same as document currency code.

Check the currency ID, it doesn’t match with document currency.

Provide currency ID in the <****> field which should match with document currency.

Line amount inclusive of VAT for line <*****> is not correct. Please correct.

Calculation of Line amount inclusive of VAT is not correct.

Check if line amount inclusive of VAT is equal to Invoice line net Amount + VAT line amount.

Recipient VAT Number must have 15 digits. The first and the last digits must be β€œ3”. Please supply correct VATNumber

Given recipient VAT number is not correct.

Recipient group VAT number or VAT number must have 15 digits. The first and the last digits must be β€œ3”, the eleventh digit must be β€œ1” in case of Group VAT.

Error Source - ZATCA

Error MessageError CauseResolution

VAT line amount for line is not correct. Please correct.

Calculated VAT line amount is not correct.

Check if Invoice line net amount * Invoiced item VAT rate= VAT Line Amount.

Unable to execute Business Rules validation.

Some of the mandatory field is missing in the request body or the request body contains additional values that are not expected.

Check if all the mandatory fields are present and as per the guidelines in the request payload.

Each VAT breakdown (BG-23) shall have a VAT category tax amount (BT-117).

VAT tax amount is missing for one of the category codes.

Check to see if VAT category tax amount is provided for all the relevant category codes provided in the request payload.

Each VAT breakdown (BG-23) shall have a VAT category taxable amount (BT-116).

VAT taxable amount should be provided for each category code.

Check to see if VAT category taxable amount is provided for the relevant category provided in the request.

Schema validation failed; XML does not comply with UBL 2.1 standards in line with ZATCA specifications.

Schema of the XML is incorrect and doesn't comply with ZATCA standards.

One or more mandatory tags is missing in the request payload. Check the xml schema from the sample and correct it.

The buyer name (BT-44) must be present in the tax invoice and associated credit notes and debit notes (KSA-2, position 1 and 2).

Buyer name is not present in the tax invoice.

Provide the buyer name in the tax invoice.

The VAT category tax amount (BT-117) In a VAT breakdown (BG-23) where the VAT category code (BT-118) equals "Exempt from VAT" shall equal 0 (zero).

Where VAT category tax amount is given as non-zero while zero is expected for exempt transactions.

When VAT category code is exempt from tax for the line item, check whether the VAT tax amount is Zero or not. Exempt line items should have a zero tax amount

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