1. Renewal of TLS certificate on * and * hostname

What is changing?

The TLS certificates for all the hostnames ending with and hostnames for sandbox and production environments will be changed on 26th Feb 2024 at 10:00 PM.

Which products are affected?

All products for India region - Like Clear GST, Clear E-Invoicing, Clear E-Waybill, Clear Max ITC, Clear Identity, Clear Invoicing, Clear TDS, Clear AP.

Which domains are affected?

Any hostname starting with or - Like,,,,,, etc.

Who will it affect?

If you have integrated your operations with any of the products mentioned above using any of the domains mentioned above, and if your ERP or OS requires you to explicitly pin certificates for it to be trusted, then this change will affect you.

In case you have not integrated any of your ERP with Clear products, then no change is required from your end.

How will it affect your work?

The current TLS certificates for the above domains are going to be invalid after 26th Feb 2024, 09:59 PM. The ERP that interact with Clear APIs will not work if the new certificates are not imported in your ERP. So any workflow that depends on integration like generation of e-invoice, e-waybill, etc. may get disrupted.

What is the action required?

In case you have pinned the current TLS certificate in your ERP or OS, you need to import or add the new certificate to the certificate trust manager of your ERP or OS before 26th Feb 2024, 10:00 PM. You can import the new certificates well in advance and keep them ready along with the existing certificates so that when the switch over happens, the transition will be smooth without any disruptions.

Where can I download the new certificates from?

You can download the new certificates from below. These are applicable from 26th Feb 2024, 10:00 PM. However, we recommend you to import them well in advance.

I don't understand the technicalities. What do I do?

In case you want to learn more about importing TLS certificates, please refer to Steps to import SSL/TLS certificates in SAP or contact your IT team for help with the link to this page.

Thank you for trusting Clear as your valued partner!

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