1. Renewal of TLS certificate on * hostname

The TLS certificate for * hostname for sandbox & production environments will be renewed and is available for download at location.

How does it affect you?

If you have integrated your operations with the ClearTax products using the hostname ending with, you may have to import the new certificate in your ERP system if your ERP or OS requires you to do so for it to be trusted.
The current SSL certificate for,, is going to expire on the 23rd of May 2023. However, we have procured the new SSL certificate and it is available to the customers to download and import in their ERP Systems anytime before 12th May 2023. We’ll be installing the new SSL certificate on 12th May 2023 from 11 PM onwards.
In case you have not integrated any of your ERP systems with ClearTax products, then no change is required from your end.

How will it affect your work?

The ERP systems that interact with ClearTax APIs will not work if the new SSL certificate is not imported in your ERP solution.

What is the action required?

In case you have pinned the current TLS certificate in your ERP, you need to add the new certificate to your certificate trust manager, your ERP systems will be able to recognize the new certificate without any disruption of service.
You can search for the text “” from here and download the new certificate (Look out for the label “From 12th May 2023 11:00 pm”).