(Deprecated) Getting Upload Validation

If the upload activity status as seen above is PROCESSED, you can get the validation details of the upload activity by submitting a GET request to the Upload File API with following request headers.

This API is deprecated. Please use the E-Waybill APIs from the unified set available here.

Get upload validation

GET https://ewb.cleartax.in/api/v0.2/taxable_entities/{taxable_entity_id}/upload_activity/{activity_id}

This endpoint allows you to get file upload validation. {taxable_entity_id} : taxable entity ID associated to the GSTIN. {activity_id} : activity id given by Creating or Updating Documents API. Sample request : https://ewb.cleartax.in/api/v0.2/taxable_entities/c5cc664c-d473-4ec5-9301-acf43349b7c4/upload_activity/02de95e9-864d-49b5-a793-5e29f718dd2b



X-Cleartax-Auth-Token: <USER_AUTH_TOKEN>


Auth token will be generated & given upon request.

    "activity_id": "02de95e9-864d-49b5-a793-5e29f718dd2b",
    "owner_taxable_entity_id": "c5cc664c-d473-4ec5-9301-acf43349b7c4",
    "owner_gstin": "27AACCB1409R1ZH",
    "owner_taxable_entity_name": "Maharashtra",
    "status": "PROCESSED",
    "total_rows_processed": 2,

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