Generate CSID and PCSID

Generates CSID and PCSID from ZATCA for the given Device ID.

A new version is available!

You can generate a Device ID, CSID, and PCSID, all in one go with the Register Device API.

Request Method


Request URL


Replace the {{BASE_URL}} with the one mentioned here based on whether you are using sandbox or production.

Request Headers

Request Path Params

There are no path parameters for this API.

Request Query Params

There are no query parameters for this API.

Request Body

Sample Request

    "DeviceId": "4f190640-9b36-42e9-88d1-0c31a961898d",
    "Otp": "123345"

Response Status Codes

Response Schema

Sample Response

Success - HTTP Status Code - 200

    "DeviceId": "e0649f12-011c-47ac-a867-651f38426450",
    "Status": "GENERATED",
    "PcsidGenerationActivityId": "62972e815bc1fa6cd2835c41",
    "ErrorList": []

Error - HTTP Status Code - 400

    "DeviceId": "dac1aa05-92ba-4bd6-a834-b665e8f89930",
    "Status": "FAILED",
    "ErrorList": [
            "ErrorCode": "6002",
            "ErrorMessage": "Production CSID already generated for device",
            "ErrorSource": "CLEARTAX"

API Validations

  1. A PCSID should not have been already generated for the Device ID. This API is not idempotent. In case of a duplicate request, this will throw an exception.

  2. A CSR should have been already created for the Device ID in ClearTax.

API Constraints

  1. This API needs to be authenticated with a valid user authentication token. If the auth token is not present or is invalid, the API will return HTTP Status Code 401.

  2. If the auth token is valid, but the user does not have the authorization to generate device ID, then the API will return HTTP Status Code 403. The user, whose auth token is used, should have an Admin role for the particular VAT used in the request.

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