How to add a VAT number to KSA E-Invoicing Account?

Step 1 - Login to your ClearTax account

Sandbox -

Production account -

Step 2 - Go to “Settings” page

After logging in you will land on the ‘Dashboard’ page of your account. Once you are on the account dashboard, please click on the "Settings" option at the bottom of the left-side menu.

Step 3 - Go to “Business Settings” page

After reaching the ‘Settings’ page, please click on “Business Settings” to open the list of VATs and branches in your account.

Step 4 – Adding a new “Business”

On the right-side of the ‘Business settings’ page there will be a button to “ADD BUSINESS”. Please click on that button which will open up two options:

  1. Add New VAT - To add a new VAT

  2. Add Branches to existing VAT

Click on ‘Add New VAT’ to start adding details of the new VAT in your account.

Step 5 – Enter Details of your VAT and Save

After clicking on ‘Add new VAT’ this page will open on your screen as shown below. Enter the details as mentioned on the screen. Organization name is a free text field to provide the name of your enterprise while ‘Organization Unit Name’ will be your TIN if your VAT is a Group VAT else it is also a free text field.

After successfully adding the VAT number, Organization name and Organization unit name (first ten digits of VAT), save the info to proceed further. Please click on the “SAVE AND CONTINUE” button.

Step 6 – Verify the entered information

After saving the business information entered, you will find that the new VAT number has been added successfully to the ‘Business settings’ page. More branches can be added to this VAT if required or you can proceed with the next set of actions as per your plan.

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