SAP Connectivity Checklist

1. Prerequisites

1.1 Prerequisites for ICM parameters

Note: These parameters are required to be maintained in all ICM instance profiles.

Go to T-code RZ10 for each instance profile and confirm if the below ICM parameters are maintained.

Parameter nameParameter value









If the parameters are not present or if the parameters are not matching, then add or update the parameters with the above-mentioned values. Once updated, restart ICM for this to work.

Note: Some systems may need application restart as well. But check the connectivity accordingly step by step with minimum downtime.

1.2 Prerequisites for SSL handshake

CommonCryptoLib (SAPCRYPTOLIB) Version 8.5.34 and above;

Kernel release should be 722 and above;

If is it below the given version, make sure you upgrade the kernel patch as per your system version. The help documentation for the kernel upgrade and the required information are in the below SAP notes.

  1. 2124480 - ICM / Web Dispatcher: TLS Extension Server Name Indication (SNI) as client.

  2. 2083594 - SAP Kernel Versions and SAP Kernel Patch Levels.

  3. 2350788 - Using Kernel 749 instead of Kernel 740, 741, 742 or 745

2. Client SAP Basis Team Activity

  1. Import the corresponding SSL/TLS certificate of ClearTax API in STRUST.

  2. Check and ensure that the icm/https/client_sni_enabled parameter is set to TRUE.

  3. Check the minimum TLS version supported by the SAP system.

  4. Test and confirm that the connectivity to the ClearTax API hostname is working as expected.

3. Client Network Team Activity

  1. To establish connectivity with ClearTax Product APIs from ERP, you need to allow outbound traffic from your ERP to the respective ClearTax Product API.

  2. This will require whitelisting the corresponding hostname and/or IP of ClearTax API in your ERP network and/or firewall.

  3. To know the hostnames and IPs corresponding to the API you want to use, refer to the Product Environment Information.

4. Product Environment Information

For information on environments, host name, IP, port, TLS certificates, refer to:

4.1 India E-Invoice, E-Waybill, GST 2.0, Max ITC

pageCFC API Reference

4.2 KSA E-Invoice

pageE-Invoicing KSA API Reference

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