Getting Started with EINV GSP API

This document describes the steps to integrate with ClearTax GSP for E-Invoicing.

Integration Steps

1. Create a sandbox account - For testing, it is recommended to always use the sandbox environment. For host, SSL and more information on the sandbox environment, click here.

2. Complete sandbox testing - Test all the APIs on the sandbox environment. For more information on the API documentation, click here.

3. Create a production account - Once the testing is successful, create a ClearTax production account. For host, SSL and more information on the production environment, click here.

4. Register GSP in NIC - Before making any changes to production, you need to register ClearTax as GSP in NIC. Check how to register. Note the username and password created at this step. You will need them later when using the Authentication API.

5. Go live!

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