E-Invoicing FTP Magnet

To download the specification document and a typical project plan, click on the link below.

Sample templates for various actions

For files in INPUT/INIT, to download a ClearTax template for reference, go to your ClearTax account and click on the “Import” tab. Files in INPUT/UPLOAD_ERROR will have the same template as above with a new column named "Error" added at the end of the file.






Note: These template names and samples are applicable only if you are using our standard templates available in the product. In case you have created custom templates, then the template names and headers might vary based on your customizations.

The success and error file templates are subject to change. Both the headers and the order of columns may change. We recommend you map the output with flexible options to add or change the headers in the future.

All about FTP client

To know more about creating and configuring FTP client, security, FAQs, click on the link below.

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