Go-Live Cutover Activity Checklist

After the completion of UAT, to migrate to the production environment proceed with the following steps:

1. Get Clear production account

If you do not have a Clear production account yet, contact your account manager or sign up here https://app.clear.in (India) or https://app.cleartax.com (KSA).

2. Add business hierarchy

Check if all the PANs, GSTINs, Branches are added in your Clear production account. If you need help setting this up, contact your account manager.

3. Activate GSTINs

  1. If you are using E-Invoicing or E-Waybill, update the NIC credentials against respective GSTIN on Clear. To know more, refer to https://docs.cleartax.in/product-help-and-support/clear-finance-cloud/cleare-invoicing/get-started-with-cleare-invoicing/account-setup/set-up-business-unit

  2. If you are using GST or Max ITC, update the GSTN credentials against respective GSTIN and activate with OTP on Clear. To know more, refer to https://docs.cleartax.in/product-help-and-support/for-large-businesses/clearmax-itc/get-started-with-clearmax-itc

4. Update production code configurations

4.1 Update the hostname or base URL

For more information on the hostname, refer to https://docs.cleartax.in/cleartax-docs/clear-finance-cloud/cfc-api-reference#2.-production-environment

4.2 Update the client secret or access token

For more information on creating API client, refer to https://docs.cleartax.in/cleartax-docs/clear-finance-cloud/learn-clear-finance-cloud-basics/api-client

In case you are using a never expiring access token, instead of updating the client secret, update the access token directly. For more information on generating an access token, refer to https://docs.cleartax.in/cleartax-docs/clear-finance-cloud/cfc-api-reference/generate-access-token-api

5. Test connectivity from ERP to Clear API

5.1 Ensure DNS resolution

For more information, refer to the guide on how to check DNS Resolution.

5.2 Ensure hostname is reachable from your ERP

For more information, refer to the guide on how to check hostname reachability.

5.3 Ensure your ERP trusts Clear hostnames

For more information, refer to the guide on how to check if hostname is trusted.

6. Done

Start using the integration from the production environment.

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