Input and output templates

Clear Purchase Document Template

Format: CSV, XLS, XLSX (In the case of XLS or XLSX, Clear will read only the first sheet in the file).


pagePurchase Document Line Object

In addition to the fields in the Clear PR template, we support up to 10 additional fields that can be ingested into Clear as custom fields (eg. Tax codes / ERP usernames/others).

Ingestion Error

Format: CSV (irrespective of the input file)

Template with Sample Data:

The template of the file will be the same as the input file. However, in addition to the columns in the input file, there will be 2 additional columns that have "No. of Errors" and "Error Message".

Reconciliation Result

Format: GZIP File

This file will be in JSON Lines format where each line in the file is a separate JSON object.

Sample File:

Vendor File

Format: GZIP File

Sample File:

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