How to register a device for a VAT?

Step 1: Generate OTP from ERAD portal

To register a device for a VAT, first requirement is to generate the OTP from the ERAD portal. Before generating the OTP select the environment for which you want to register the device (Simulation /Production ).

Save the OTP for further processing.

Step 2: Log in to your ClearTax E-Invoicing account to register your device.

Sandbox Account Link -

Production Account Link -

Step 3: On the bottom left corner click on “Settings”.

Step 4: On the side bar menu click on “Switch to phase II” and enable phase 2 if it is not enabled.

Step 5: On the side bar click on Devices, then select “ONLINE DEVICES” and then click on “Add new devices”.

Step 6: Add details

Add a Common Name/Device Name which should be unique , Industry , EGS serial number and Location. Select Invoice Type as per your requirement (Standard / Simplified / Both)

Example for EGS Number - 1-TEST|2-CT|3-101

After filling all the details click on “Save and Continue”.

Step 7: Enter the OTP saved from ERAD Portal in step 1.

OTP needs to be filled within one hour of generation. After one hour OTP will expire.

Step 8: Click on “Save and Continue”.

In front of the registered devices we can see the status of devices whether it is active or it has failed.

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