(Deprecated) Getting Started with GST API

Even if you are completely new to ClearTax GST, getting started is quick and easy! Just follow these steps to understand the platform and start building your GST compliance app.

Basic Setup

Set up Your Account

This is your account on ClearTax. Learn how to set up your ClearTax account with our step by step guide.

(Deprecated) How to set up ClearTax account?

Send an Invoice

With ClearTax GST API, you can send documents in either JSON format or in CSV/Excel format. Documents sent in JSON format are validated in real time whereas documents sent in CSV/Excel format are validated in staged manner.

Try sending an invoice to your ClearTax account from your app with the API.

Upload JSON

Try uploading an invoice as JSON with our step by step guide.

Upload File

Try uploading an invoice as Excel or CSV with our step by step guide.

(Deprecated) How to upload an invoice from File?

Ready to do more?

For a complete list of API calls and request properties, see the ClearTax GST API Reference.

(Deprecated) GST 1.0 API Reference

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