E-Invoicing KSA XML reporting FTP Magnet

FTP Magnet is a middleware application between your FTP server and ClearTax E-Invoicing KSA application. You can load signed XMLs generated at your POS/store servers into your own FTP server. As a part of onboarding, ClearTax configures it’s FTP Magnet to connect to your FTP server. The FTP Magnet reads the input XML files from your FTP server and uploads them to ClearTax E-Invoicing KSA application. Once the uploaded files are processed, it writes the response back to your FTP server.


Specification document and a typical project plan:

Sample Request

Request Body

Reporting Signed XML

The success and error file templates are subject to change. Both the headers and the order of columns may change. We recommend you map the output with flexible options to add or change the headers in the future.


The incoming requests from ClearTax to your FTP server will be sent from the below IPs:



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