SAP Add-on


Clear Compliance Add-on for SAP automates the below business use cases:

E-Invoice and E-Waybill Module: Clear EINV & EWB solution automates E-Invoicing, E-Waybill generation, and cancellation for Sales and Finance invoices of the SAP system.

GST and GSTIN Verification Module: Clear GST solution automates the preparation of Sales and Purchase register data from sap and transforms it to Clear in government compatible format for 3A/3B filing.

Max ITC Module: Clear Max ITC solution automates ITC (Input Tax Credit) Reconciliation Process. Businesses will be able to Hold the GST amount for the non-compliant vendor invoices to save on the working capital and release the GST amount to the vendor once the invoice is in 2A/2B.

SAP Certification

Clear Compliance Add-on Solution is certified by SAP.

Installation Guide

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