GST API Reference


ClearTax GST does not have a sandbox environment since any data you send using ClearTax API's will be staged in ClearTax and will not be sent to GSTIN.

Production Environment

You can create a testing or a production account at‚Äč

For API requests to the production environment, use the below information.


Port: 443

IP: ClearTax does not use static IP for APIs. You can whitelist the endpoints based on the host.

SSL Certificate:

Our root Certifying Authority is "Amazon Root CA 1". You can get the CER or PEM file directly from Amazon's website here: or download it here.

In case you want to add the SSL certificate of our production host to your trust manager, you can download it here.

GST JSON API Reference

The JSON Upload API gives you the ability to upload your documents to ClearTax GST with a real-time validation check.