Installation Guide for Tally connector

Tally Connector Installation Guide

Installation Guide
Welcome to ClearTax e-Invoicing Tally connector!
This document contains information on how to install ClearTax e-Invoicing Tally connector.
Please follow the mentioned steps to install Tally connector and start generating e-Invoices.

Prerequisites to install Tally Connector

Please check the following points before you start with installation of e-Invoicing Tally connector

a) System Requirements

Following are the system requirements for Tally e-Invoicing connector to work smoothly.
  1. 1.
    System Configuration (Windows 7 and above)
  2. 2.
    Stable internet connection
  3. 3.
    Tally ERP9 should be running & required company should be open

b) Tally pre-install configuration checklist

Following are the Tally related requirements for Tally e-Invoicing connector to work a) Admin Login for the Tally is available b) Take the data backup of the Tally application. You can follow these steps to take a backup -
This is important to help recover your tally data, in case required.
c) Please check if all the Mandatory fields are available in Tally. If these are not present/invalid , NIC might give errors while generating IRN
Company info
1) Country name 2) State name 3) Pincode 4) Address (Length should be less than 100 characters) 5) Phone number (Length should be between 6 to 12 digits)
Party Master
1) Country name 2) Party state name 3) Party Pin Code 4) Party GSTIN 5) Party type (In case of SEZ/Deemed export sales) 6) Registration type(Regular/Composition)
Item Master
1) HSN number
2) GST rates (check on tax rate History)
Income ledger without items
1) HSN number
2) GST rates
Expense ledger (GST applicable)
1) HSN number
2) GST rates
Non GST expense ledger
1) Is GST applicable - “Not Applicable” 2) Include in assessable value calculation for - "Not Applicable"
Round Off
1) Type of ledger - Invoice rounding

c) On NIC e-Invoice portal: Add “Defmacro” as GSP

Please click on the following link or copy/paste the URL on web browser and follow the steps

d) On Cleartax portal: Create an account on

Step 1: Enter your login credentials - please signup with your official email id and set your password.

This will give you access to ClearTax web portal to complete the setup and get access to advanced features.

Step 2: Add your business details & NIC credentials - These are the API credentials that you have set while adding “Defmacro” as GSP.

Click on “Add Business” to save these details

Follow these steps to install ClearTax e-Invoicing Tally Connector

Step 1: Please Download the exe file from ClearTax e-Invoicing portal

Step 2: Double click to run the exe file. You will see the following screen. Please follow the onscreen steps to start the installation.

Step 3: Once you click on “Start Installation”, you will be prompted to login to ClearTax.

  1. 1.
    Please click on “Login to ClearTax” and enter your Cleartax e-invoicing login credentials.
  2. 2.
    Enter your Cleartax email ID and password.

Step 4: You will be asked to verify the ODBC port on your Tally. Once you’ve set the correct ODBC port, click on “Activate Tally”

If you don’t know what ODBC port is, click here to verify:

Step 5: You will be asked to copy the TCP path from the installer.

a) Navigate in Tally according to the onscreen instructions
b) Copy the TCP path from the onscreen instructions, paste it in Tally, and accept the changes.

Step 6: Select the company from the dropdown and click on “Activate Company”

Step 7: E-Invoice feature will be activated in Tally in a few seconds. You will see this screen on successful completion of installation

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      You can login into ClearTax e-Invoicing portal as well to check the details

Thank You

Please reach out to us at in case you have any queries.