Inviting your team member
Invite your team members with access control to your account

Step 1: Navigate to the settings icon in left-hand side panel

Step 2: Click on "User Access" in left hand-side and then click on "Invite New Member" towards right side

Step 3: Enter Name, Email id (this will be user id of invited member). Select Role for user. Detailed explanation of each role is available here) and enter any message which would be part of Invite email. Click on select business Units after entering details

Step 4: Select Business unit (PAN/ GSTIN or Branch) for which access will be provided to Invited member and click on Continue

Step 5: Invite will be sent to Invitee email

Step 6: User have to click on "Accept Invitation" on the email received.

Step 7: Invited user will click on accept Invite on Cleartax portal

Last modified 5mo ago