User roles
Follow the below steps to understand the different "User" roles and how to provide access to them.
There are 5 distinct type of User roles available on the product - 1) Admin - It is the highest and most important role. Basically the Lord of the GSTINs and Branches. He/She has powers vested in him to invite a new user or delete an existing one and to generate IRN/EWB or Cancel them. 2) View Only - A person with "view only" access can look at the generated or cancelled invoices or download them but can't make any changes to it. This role is best suited for auditors. 3) Non Cancel - This role provides access for user to Add, View, Download E-Invoices and EWB, however does not allow the user to cancel any E-Invoices or EWB. 4) EwayBill Only - This role provides user access to all actions within E-way bill i.e Upload, Generate, View, Cancel, Download, Print of E-way bills however restricts any access for E-Invoices. These users will not have access to the View E-Invoices section. 5) E-Invoicing Only - This role provides the user access to all actions within E-invoicing i.e Upload, Generate, View, Cancel, Download, Print. But does not allow the user to manage EWB from view E-way bills section. The following steps will guide you in assigning these roles to someone -
Step 1: Open settings panel
Step 2: Select "User Access" under Global Settings.
Step 3: Click on "Invite new user" icon to add new users.
Step 4: Fill the name, email of the person you want to invite. Also select the role you want to assign to him/her.
Step 5: Select the business unit for which you want to provide access. Click all if you want to provide access to whole account. Click on continue.
Step 6: An invitation mail will be sent to the respective person's email id. Open the mail and accept invitation.
Step 7: You can also edit or delete someone's access provided you have an ADMIN level access. Click on the "manage access" or "delete" icon in front of the respective person's name.
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