User Manual

Tally Connector User Manual

User Manual
This document contains information on how to use e-Invoicing Tally connector to generate & manage e-Invoices.​

Getting Started

    Select the Cleartax module from the Gateway of Tally
    Select “B2B e-Invoice”
    Select “e-Invoice Register”

How to generate IRN and EWB?

    Select the invoice by entering the space bar or control+space bar for selecting all. Click on Gen IRN ( Ctrl E ) to generate the IRN or Gen EWB (Ctrl+E) to generate both IRN and EWB together.
Please note: If EWB details are entered then EWB can be generated along with IRN. Otherwise, you can generate IRN and then add EWB details to generate EWB.
5. In case you have selected multiple documents then progress bar will appear showing you the status of your request
6. Post completion of process will get the status of request
Each document will be highlighted with a color. PFB details of what these colours mean:
BLUE colour
Only IRN has been generated
RED colour
There was some error. Error details will be displayed
GREEN colour
Both IRN and EWB have been Generated
BLACK colour
No action taken
7. You can open a failed invoice, check the error message. You can then correct the data and try to generate IRN again
8. In case you want to cancel IRN or EWB,
Select the invoice and press Cancel IRN ( Ctrl+C) and/or Cancel EWB ( Ctrl+W) to cancel IRN and EWB respectively

How to get the Reports?

9. Select “e-invoice Generated” under B2B e-Invoice module -
You will get the list of all the IRNs and EWBs generated
10. Select “e-invoice Cancelled” under B2B e-Invoice module -
You will get the list of all the IRNs and EWBs that have been cancelled (marked as optional)
11. Select “e-invoice Pending” under B2B e-Invoice module -
You will get the list of all the documents that are pending for action

How to Print an e-Invoice?

12. Open the voucher / invoice and click on the print (Alt+P) With preview option. It will show the voucher/invoice with the IRN number and QR code
How to configure Print invoice?
a) Go to Configure (F12) to enable the statutory details on the print
b) Enable the Title & Subtitle and additional information, if required, for printing
Thank You
Please reach out to us at in case you have any queries.
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