E-way bill generation
This page describes the process of E-way bill generation from ClearTax web portal

Step 1: Land on View E-way bills page

From the left menu click on 'E-way Bills' to land on the View E-way bills page.
You will be able to see the list of invoices with E-way bill details (if available) for the last one week by default.
Clicking on 'E-way Bills' to land on View E-way bills page

Step 2: Invoice selection for E-way bill generation

Select the invoices for which you want to generate an 'E-way Bill' → Single or multiple invoices can be selected for E-way bill generation.
Part A or both Part A and Part B of E-way bill is generated based on the details provided for E-way bill generation.
Select invoices for E-way bill generation

Step 3: Click on 'Generate' button

After the invoice selection is done → click on 'Generate' → select 'Generate EWB'
Click on 'Generate EWB'

Step 4: Establishing connection with NIC

Please wait while we connect with NIC to generate the E-way bill.
Connecting with NIC to generate E-way bill

Step 5: Successful E-way bill generation

Congratulations!!! Your E-way bill has been successfully generated.
E-way bill successfully generated
Generated E-way bill visible in the list