E-Invoice data upload- Govt template

Excel import of Invoice using Govt format template

Step 1:

Click on ‘Upload Invoices’ option to import your data

Step 2:

  • Select the business for which you are uploading invoice.

  • Select the Govt Template for uploading invoice.

Click on "Start Uploading" button at the bottom of the screen

Step 3:

If you have the govt Excel Template already , fill in the invoice data and select "choose a file to upload" If you don't have the template then download it by clicking the "Download here" option as shown in the image below.

Step 4:

After the upload is done, you can see Total No of Documents and No of errors on screen From here you can:

  • "Proceed to review" the error, or

  • "Discard File"

Step 5:

In the "Review Documents" screen

  • You can correct the document with errors by hovering over the Error cell and correcting the values in the cells as described in the error body.

  • You can also correct the errors by "Downloading Error Report" correcting it offline and re- uploading the file

After correcting the error you can click on "Save and Next" or you can skip the errors by "skip pending Errors".

Step 6:

Congratulations! Your invoices are now successfully imported into ClearTax for IRN generation