E-Invoice data upload- Govt template
Excel import of Invoice using Govt format template

Step 1:

Click on ‘Upload Invoices’ option to import your data
Step 2:
    Select the business for which you are uploading invoice.
    Select the Govt Template for uploading invoice.
Click on "Start Uploading" button at the bottom of the screen
Step 3:
If you have the govt Excel Template already , fill in the invoice data and select "choose a file to upload" If you don't have the template then download it by clicking the "Download here" option as shown in the image below.
Step 4:
After the upload is done, you can see Total No of Documents and No of errors on screen From here you can:
    "Proceed to review" the error, or
    "Discard File"
Step 5:
In the "Review Documents" screen
    You can correct the document with errors by hovering over the Error cell and correcting the values in the cells as described in the error body.
    You can also correct the errors by "Downloading Error Report" correcting it offline and re- uploading the file
After correcting the error you can click on "Save and Next" or you can skip the errors by "skip pending Errors".
Step 6:
Congratulations! Your invoices are now successfully imported into ClearTax for IRN generation
Last modified 6mo ago
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