Printing an E-way bill
This page explains how to print an E-way bill from View E-way bills screen

Step 1: Land on View E-way bills page

From the left menu click on 'E-way Bills' to land on the View E-way bills page.
You will be able to see the list of invoices with E-way bill details (if available) for the last one week by default.
Clicking on 'E-way bills' to land on View E-way bills page

Step 2: Invoice selection for E-way bill print

Select the invoices for which you want to print an 'E-way bill' → Single or multiple invoices can be selected for printing E-way bills.
E-way bills can be printed for those in 'Part A', 'Generated', or 'Cancelled' status.
Selecting invoices to be printed

Step 3: Click on 'Print' button

After selecting invoices which have to be printed, click on the 'Print' button.
Clicking on 'Print' option after selecting invoices

Step 4: Selecting the type of 'Print'

After selecting the invoices and then clicking on 'Print', options are available to select the type of print. Basic print of E-way bill and Detailed print of E-way bill can be generated as per the requirement. To choose an option just click on one of the buttons - 'Print Detailed', 'Print Basic'.
Click on Detailed or Basic to get the respective print

Step 5: Print Preview

After the option is selected the print preview is displayed in case a single invoice was selected. You can check the preview and take the following actions on it:
  • Download E-way bill
  • Print E-way bill
Options available on 'Print Preview'

Step 6: Zip file download for bulk invoices selection

In case multiple invoices are selected → Click on 'Print' → Based on 'Basic' or 'Detailed' option selected a zip file containing the E-way bills of the invoices will be downloaded.
Downloading zip file of E-way bills for multiple invoices