Power of 21 webinar

Power Of 21 on ClearTax with CA Surbhi Punshi | Introduction

Introduction and Supply under GST | Power of 21 - Session 01

All about GST registration | Taxable Person, Inter and Intra State Supplies | Session 02

Place of Supply Decoded under GST | Session 03

All about GST registration | Time of Supply decoded | Session 04

All you need to know about ITC | Session 05

Relief for Businesses for Compliance and Loans | Covid 19

Valuation under GST | Session 06

GST Reverse Charge Mechanism Explained | Power of 21 | Session 07

All about GST registration | Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes | Session 08

Compliances under the Composition Scheme | Session 09

All about GST registration | Goods and Services Exempted | Session 10

Continuity of Business during and post Lockdown | Covid-19

Overview of GST returns and filing procedure | Session 11

Annual return and reconciliation statement | Session 12

Recent changes and burning issues in GST | Session 13

Case Study | Recent Implications of GST on Real-Estate Sector | Session 14

All about Tax Deducted at Source under Income Tax

Interest, Fees and Penalties Under GST | Session 16

Impact of lockdown on taxes and what to do today and later to recover from the impact

Important GST Amendments | Viewer's Choice

GST on GTA | Viewer's Choice

Understanding the best practices for businesses in the middle of COVID-19 | Grand Finale

Refund under GST | Detailed Analysis | Session 15

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