Place, time and value of supply

Place of Supply

How to determine Place of Supply of Service

Place if Supply for OIDAR

Place of supply for transportation services

Place of supply of imports

Place of Supply of specific services

Place of Supply for services of immovable property

Place of Supply of Mobile Connection

Place of Supply of Services

Place of Supply of Banking & Financial Services

Time of Suppy

Time of Supply of Services

Continuous Supply of Goods and Services

Treatment of advance received under GST

Goods Sent on approval basis

Valuation of Supply

Mixed Supply and Composite Supply

How to determine Value of Supply

Value of Supply for discounts

Valuation Rules - Specific businesses

Valuation Rule for Supply Under GST

Valuation of Supply - Residual Method

Valuation of Supply - Cost Method

Valuation of Supply in case of pure agent

Valuation of Supply when consideration is not wholly money