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  1. Introduction to Taxes Learn about the basics of Income Taxes. Know about the revised Income Tax slabs and rates. What is TDS and residential status

  2. How to deal with different types of incomes Salary Income, Income from business and profession, Income from other sources. Learn how different incomes attract income taxes

  3. Tax Savings Learn about various deduction available for savings taxes such as 80C, interest, rent payments and more. Also understand tax saving schemes

  4. Tax Payments Learn about advanced taxes, 234C, 234 and self assessment Tax which includes Challan 280 and Section 87A

  5. Income Tax Returns Understand all the ITR forms such as ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4, ITR 5 and various types of ITR notices to avoid while filing ITR

  6. Taxes for NRIs

    How taxation applies to individuals with NRI status and what are the tax implications for NRI. How can NRIs save taxes while filing

  7. Retirals Gratuity, leave encashment, PPF, NPS, Voluntary retirement and pension and Superannuation fund

  8. Utilities From format of rental agreement to PF Balance check, we have all the utilities you will need for Income Tax filing and Tax savings

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  1. ITR filing video tutorial Learn steps to file your ITR, which ITR to file and how ClearTax e-filing platform can help you

  2. Tax saving video tutorial Learn tax-saving deductions such as section 80C investments, medical insurance and other deductions

  3. Income Tax Slabs video tutorial Learn about the tax rates under the new income tax regime and the old income tax regime to compare your tax liability and choose your tax regime

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